Dengue Fever: Epidemiology and Travel Advice

Dengue Fever is caused by the bite of the female Aedes mosquito. Learn more about the disease and what you should/should not do when you travel to Dengue stricken regions from :

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Guidebook on Prevention of Mosquito Breeding

The Guidebook on Prevention of Mosquito Breeding provides a reference of common places within Town Council estates, condominium estates and apartments, construction sites, worker dormitories, factories and shipyards as well as other premises where mosquitoes may breed. Apart from listing the common breeding habitats, it also recommends measures that users can adopt to prevent or treat mosquito breedings. The guidebook would serve as a handy reference for property officers, managing agents and operational managers, to assist them in carrying out rectification measures to permanently remove potential breeding habitats or carry out inspections for breeding sites in their premises.


Complete guidebook [pdf 21.0 Mb]


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Translation of the Guidance proposed by the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society of Thailand and the Infectious Diseases Association of Thailand on the use of Dengvaxia. For accuracy ease visit the PIDST website (
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The 2nd Asia Dengue Summit took place on the 1-2 March 2017 and was extensively covered by the media, including top tier media such as The Strait Times, Channel News Asia, Manila Bulletin and The Philippine Star. Here is the summary of the Press Report.
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