Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Asia Dengue Summit Organising Committee, we wish to thank you for participating in the Asia Dengue Summit that was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand from 13th to 14th January 2016.

It was a great and unique opportunity to bring the full dengue community of clinicians, researchers, government public health leaders and policymakers together, to exchange the thoughts and ideas on important developments and strategies for dengue prevention and control in the region. We had an overwhelming representation from renowned institutes and societies including the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Partnership for Dengue Control (PDC), the Fondation Mérieux (FMx), the Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI), the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), the Asian Dengue Vaccination Advocacy (ADVA), the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation Tropical Medicine and Public Health Network (SEAMEO TROPMED) and the ASEAN Network for Drugs, Diagnostics, Vaccines and Traditional Medicines Innovation (ASEAN-NDI).

Your presence at the conference has helped to make this event a great success. We are very excited about the fruitful discussions and learning journeys we have had so far and hope to put the thoughts into action soon, especially in encouraging dengue vaccine introduction in the region.

The Organising Committee will put together a summary of the Summit discussions and the Call to Action. Watch out for more information at:

Thank you and we look forward to your continued support in our future meetings.


Prof. Usa Thisyakorn
Asian Dengue Vaccination Advocacy (ADVA)
Dr. In-Kyu Yoon
Dengue Vaccine Initiative(DVI)
Dr. Pratap Singhasivanon
Dr. Valentina Picot
Fondation Merieux (FMx)