The Asia-Pacific region witnesses alarming rise in dengue (at-risk population >2 billion). Disease burden estimation is critical for dengue management; however, surveillance resources are either lacking or diverse and hence cannot be compared between countries. Vaccine introduction is important for altering this public health burden. The Asian Member States Dengue Vaccination Advocacy (ADVA) can help disseminate dengue-related data and facilitate vaccine introduction.

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The Asian Dengue Vaccine Advocacy (ADVA) is a scientific working group dedicated to dengue vaccine advocacy in Asia, with the aim of disseminating information and making recommendations on dengue vaccine introduction strategies in Asia.

The group has formulated recommendations with an ultimate aim of translating the science of dengue vaccination into messages for policy makers, general public and health care workers.

The aim of this website is to help ADVA members identify opportunities and make practical recommendations for:

  • improving surveillance and laboratory capacity for dengue disease confirmation, including:
  • documenting and standardising existing systems and coverage
  • standardising case confirmation and diagnostics
  • selecting initial target groups for vaccination
  • addressing programme feasibility by improving existing infrastructure (cold chain, pharmacovigilance, vaccination compliance monitoring, and vaccine supply and distribution logistics)
  • preparing and implementing a risk management plan
  • collaborate with other relevant dengue initiatives including V2V (vaccine to vaccination) and the Dengue Vaccine Initiative